Why have a website

Whether you hold a medical/health center, clinic, nursing home, or you are associated to a small scale to large scale hospital, or wish to increase your public recognition and reputation that helps you bring your experience and expertise to wider range of patients globally, possessing a website proves to be essentials in such a competitive digital world!

The basic need of a personal website is targeted to showcase your expertise and should explain how your treatment and services are different from rest of the doctors, including family physicians. These needs may include a write up about your educational qualification, and other certifications you might have obtained; image gallery that may showcase important factors such as the advanced level of equipment you use to treat your patients, the culture and the environment of your medical center/clinic that may help them recover soon, the photographs of the event you might have participated/organized that spread health related awareness to the audience; and a video gallery that holds videos that spread health awareness and medical tips to the mass. It would also include a web interface that would help the patients to connect with you easily, and even book an appointment using a single click.

Though there are a number of benefits of possessing your own website, here in this artcle, let us focus on the most important ones:

Cost and time effective medium

As a family physician, or a medico-expert, you probably have an impression that you can't afford a professional website; but the fact is that you can't afford NOT to have one. The reason behind this is , the amount you might be investing in newspaper ads, organizing and participating in Medical camps, and so on in order to gain visibility at state-level or globally is far greater than what you need to invest in getting your website developed and maintained.

Considering the traditional method of providing or sharing information to your patients, you probably need to use media such as phone, phone, face-to-face meetings, emails communications and so on. On the other hand, following the online approach, you can easily share your services, and medico-information to all aspirants, and medical needy in just a couple of minutes; hence, saving time and ofcourse money!

Showcase your work

Surviving and exhaling in any profession, including yours, it is extremely important to find a cheap or free of cost channel to showcase your services and it's quality and your work to be broadcasted to the mass in a fraction on minutes. Unlike print media, you add your work to your website and broadcast it to the globe which reaches the mass before you could complete counting 10 starting from 1.

Showcasing your work may include introducing capabilities such as portfolio, image gallery, video gallery, testimonials, and so on.

Introduction to various Content Management Systems such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and so provide additional ease in creating/modifying/deleting content on your website; especially without any need of assistance of a web developer. Moreover, due to the dynamic nature of using such content management systems, if you are planning to create and promote an event (say for example, free medical camps), you can even do it easily and within minutes. Isn't that interesting!

Increases credibility

Have you ever thought of an idea where you fall exceptional and the preferred family physician in such a competitive medical world? If not, it's time to get your website built with expert level functionality and guidance. In today's world, people perfer researching about the available and good family physicians and doctors who can suffice their medical needs efficiently. Your website will provide you an opportunity to inform the potential families and patients what you are up-to and why you deserve their confidence and trust as a family doctor. So, get your website created and grab this opportunity, without further delay!

Maintains presence all the time throughout the globe

Your website will help you and the patients get rid of the specific time constraint wherein the patients have to wait till the visiting hours to seek for appointment; instead, using the website, they can easily check the available visiting slots and book their appointments accordingly.

Convenient bridge to connect with patients

Since websites are always available online for the patients to gain information, they can conveniently connect with the doctors for both fine as well as coarse level medical assistance. They can even initiate instant chat window with the doctor in case he/she is found online on web, which also plays a vital role in case of emergency.

Cross published in Family Physician Today Magazine Vol I, Issue II April 2015 Edition