How-to Cleanse your Liver Naturally

In this article, we will focus on the process to clean our liver naturally.

Before we step into the actual process, let’s be aware of why we need to clean our liver periodically. Below are some of the advantages of having a clean liver:

  • Drastically improves digestion
  • Reduces allergies by upto 40% instantly after the first cleansing process
  • Reduces heart attack risk by removing cholesterol and fat deposits in the arteries and blood
  • Gets rid of shoulder, upper arm, and upper back pain along with other such complications; hence leading to energetic life style



Plan to do your first Liver Cleansing activity at the earliest. To get the best results during the second round, do a Kidney, Parasite and Acidity Cleanse, before the second Liver Cleanse.

  • Choose a Saturday (or the day before a holiday) for the cleanse, so that you can take some rest the following day.
  • Eat a light breakfast and simple lunch, easy to digest.
  • Incase you are performing any of the other cleansing activities, such as Kidney Cleanse, Parasite Cleanse or Acidity Cleanse, stop these cleanses by 2 pm (that is, 4 hours prior to your liver cleansing activity schedule)

Please note that, regular medication for blood pressure, diabetes, and so on can be continued normally.




Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • For a person weighing 70KG or more:- 250ML
  • For a person weighing between 55KG and 70KG:- 175ML
  • For a person weighing less than 55KG:- 150ML


Fresh Juice of Orange, Sweet Lime, Tangerine or Pineapple juice

  • Approximately same quality as that of the oil. Tetra pack juices can also be used.


Epsom Salt or Magnesium Sulphate

  • For person weighing more than 70KG:– 4 sachets of 20gms each
  • For person weighing less than 70KG and/or suffering from hypertension:– 4 sachets of 15gms each



  • 800ML of water to be used to dissolve Epsom salt.
  • Orange/Pineapple/Lime/Apple juice can also be used to avoid unpleasant taste of Epsom salt; however, water is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED over juice in order to achieve the best results.

Procedure & Schedule

(2:00 PM)
Mix ALL 4 Sachets of Epsom Salt (20gms x 4 = 80gms) in 800ml of water. This makes 4 servings of 200ml each. For your convenience & to end up in a better taste, keep the mixture in the refrigerator for cooling.
Dose 1
(6:00 PM)
Drink one serving of this mixture (Epsom salt + Water)
Dose 2
(8:00 PM)
Drink another serving of the mixture, and visit the washroom in case needed.
Prepare Medicine
(9:45 PM)
Mix 175ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with 175ml of freshly prepared orange juice or Tetra Pack in a mixer for approximately 10 seconds.
Dose 3
(10:00 PM)
Drink the Oil-Juice mixture (medicine) and lie down instantly on the right hand side for 30 minutes, keeping your head high on the pillow. Since liver is located at the right hand side of our body, more pressure is generated on the bile duct so as to push out the stones. You might feel a series of stones travelling along the bile duct; however, No pain is experienced due to the fact that the Epsom salt has already dilated the bile ducts.
Dose 4
(6:00 AM)
Drink another serving of the Epsom salt & water mixture. You may consider drinking it after visiting the washroom in case you experience diarrhoea or nausea.
Dose 5
(8:00 AM)
Wait for 2 hours after Dose 4, and take another dose of Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Fruit Juice mixture; however, the mixture must contain 75ml Oil & 75ml juice this time. Lie down on the bed as you did during Dose 3.
Dose 6
(10:00 AM)
Drink the 4th and final serving of the Epsom salt & water solution.
Final Step
(11:00 AM)
The diarrhoea should come to an end by now & you may start eating. It is RECOMMENDED to start with Fruit juice as diarrhoea must have weakened your digestive system to some extent. By evening, you should feel recovered from the effects of Epsom salt. You may also start consuming regular food; however, it is suggested to keep it light at least till the next morning.


I would like to conclude my article/blog with a beautiful quote by Suzanne Somers.

Your liver is your vital detoxification organ, and if it becomes overloaded with toxins from the food, drink, or medications you're consuming, you'll have more toxins circulating throughout your body, damaging your organs and glands. Detoxing your liver will help it work more efficiently and help you slim your waistline.

Happy Liver Cleansing!!!