[BALH] Peehu's 1st Day at her New School !!!

At Kapoor Mansion

Episode starts with Ayesha getting Khush ready for school and having plans to accompany him. Upon setting Khush's hair, Ayesha gets stick to the mirror with her usual & favorite makeup stuffs. Khush keeps on complaining that he is getting delayed for the assembly at school and he conveys that he can go with the driver as he used to do till date.

However, Ayesha insists that she wishes to accompany him (the base reason behind the plan to drop Khush to school is that Ayesha wants to prove herself as better mom than Priya Angel). Ayesha added, if she looks pretty, all his (Khush) friends would value him saying 'Khush is a son of Pretty Woman'.

Bade Ache Lagte hain BALH - Main Cast


Meanwhile, mamaji enters the room and inquires what exactly is going on between mom and son; and gets to know that Ayesha wishes to accompany Khush to the school, despite of Khush repeatedly complaining that he is getting late. Mama ji takes a small class of Ayesha and convinces her to opt for her kitty party to improve her impression as Mrs. Kapoor rather than accompanying Khush to school. Agreeing to mamaji on kitty party option, Ayesha takes Khush with her to handover him to the driver. 

At Shergil House

Door bell rings and Vikram opens the door and it's Neha at the other side. She rushes inside searching for Rehaan. Neha starts questioning Vikram about whether Rehaan is, why did he come there, it's not his home, etc. Vikram tries to explain her the current situation of Rehaan, but Neha continues...

She finally finds Rehaan lying down on the bed and sleeping. So, she tries to wake him up; in which she fails. But, when she touches him, she could witness that he is suffering from high fever.

At Peehu's School

RK, PRK and Peehu reaches the school and RK holds Peehu's water bottle and school bag in one of his hands and holding Peehu with the other; walks inside the school and tries to motivate Peehu. He bends on his knees and tells Peehu that she shouldn't get nervous; she shouldn't get scared of anything; nothing will happen to her; and she would be very very good on her 1st day at school (Instead of Peehu, Mr. RK who really seems to be nervous and meanwhile, Priya silently enjoys the emotional moment between Papa and Beti; Priya standing near the car). RK also tries to check the where abouts of her lunch box, still holding the water bottle in his hand. Finally Peehu (getting bored with her papa's questions) gently replies RK that she is not at all feeling nervous. Meanwhile, PRK also tries to inform Mr. Kapoor that Peehu is not nervous; instead it's he who seems to be nervous. RK gently smiles and gets up walking back to PRK. Later, PRK says that as we already came till school; she thinks, it would be better if they could drop Peehu till the classroom. RK agrees with PRK and suddenly holds her placing his arm on her shoulder (with a broad smile on his face, and looking at PRK)...and the BG plays...

PRK seems to be confused with this sudden and unexpected behavior of RK and then notices that the school Principal was approaching them. Prinipal greets both of them saying that it's good to see them as a family there at the school.

Meanwhile, Khush approaches to Peehu greeting 'Hi'. He tries to get her where abouts like how is she doing, etc. Meanwhile, principal informs RK that now it's time for the class. RK (with a broad smile on his face; still holding PRK) informs PRK that he will accompany both the kids to the class and would be back shortly and he leaves taking both the kids.

Again (near the classroom), RK tells both the kids that they both should stay with each other all the time and tells Peehu that incase of any problem, inform Khush about it; also tells her that she shouldn't cry and should be a brave girl. Peehu (with a broad smile and excitement on her face) replies to RK saying she is not a very small kid to cry; and to get nervous. Khush too joins her saying he is also not a small kid to cry; and informs RK that they both (Peehu and Khush) have become grown up children. RK agrees to them saying 'Okay..good...'. Also, insists them that they should drink water only from their respective bottles (RK still holding Peehu's water bottle in his hand). Both the kids agree saying 'Okay' and RK waves bye to the kids and proceeds towards the gate. By then, Peehu notices that her water bottle was still with her papa; and stops him to return back to her.

Meanwhile, the principal is still talking to PRK near the car where RK approaches. They make some show-off infront of the principal to maintain good impression about their relationship; and finally, everyone disperses.

In RK's Car

RK and PRK gets settled in the car to leave from the school. PRK informs RK to drop her some place ahead so that she would then manage herself further from there. In response, RK asks her to tell the exact place where she is going to visit and he will drop her to the right place. Still PRK tries to say that she can manage and explains that the place she is going to visit falls in different route from his. RK still insists her to tell the exact place and he wishes to drop her there. She answers that she needs to visit towards sky chambers which would be difficult for him. RK with a smile responds to her that he is also visiting the same place and he will drop her there. PRK responds with the exact place name as 'Fort'...

RK with a bit disappointing face inquires whether she is going to meet some lawyer there...
He goes on saying that even after she is going to loose the case, will she continue defending for the custody against him...
Did she also fix some lawyer...Amazing...Why did she choose some road-side lawyer...If she asks him, he would have arranged for some better lawyer...
After patiently listening to all these, PRK responds that yes...it was not needed...Rajat sir has made the necessary arrangements (as soon as RK heard Rajat's name; his face suddenly turned pale)...good and efficient lawyer who has been called from Dubai especially for this case...Thus, it wasn't required to seek RK's help on this...
RK responds back sarcastically saying...Rajan sir!!!!!!!!!...is on your side...to help you out...good...and in the same mood asks the driver to drive to 'fort'.

Finally, they reached the destination. PRK gets ready to get down from the car; thanking RK for dropping her and wishing him a good day (BG plays...)

At Shergil House

Later on, Vikram explains the current scenario and convinces Neha to leave him there itself for the next couple of days, till he recovers from illness. Upon Neha's question about managing kids, Vikram tells her that he would manage the younger 2 kids and asks her to manage Rahul.

At School

Khush and Peehu sits side-by-side sharing the same bench. Teacher completes her class and calls for lunch time and instructs the students to have their lunch before the next class resumes.
Khush calls everyone in the class towards him to introduce his sister Peehu. He introduces everyone to Peehu and Peehu to his friends. Peehu greets 'Hi' to everyone. Students start their questions to Peehu.

Student: Are you both brother and sister?
Peehu: Yes
Student: Do you both live the same house?
Peehu: No...I live with my mon in a different flat; Khush stays with papa at a different place.
Student: oh...different houses...!!!!
Peehu: Yes
Student: We have seen Khush's house. How big is your house?
Peehu: My house has 2 room.
Student: 2 rooms!!!!????
Peehu: Yes (Innocently)
Student: Such a small house???... My doll house consists of 8 rooms...
Student: In my house, there are 6 rooms...

(Peehu seems to be disappointed with this conversation)

Student: Which car do you have?
Peehu: She doesn't have a car. But, her dad has it...
Student: But your dad doesnt stay in your house?
Peehu: No...
Student: Then, it means, you don't have any car...
Peehu: No...
Student: Did you ever visit a water park for a holiday?
Peehu: No...
Student: Don't you have a magic box...glitter pencil,...?
Peehu: No... (By this time Khush is already feeling uncomfortable with the questions shot to Peehu and Peehu's disappointment reflecting on her face)

Khush: Peehu, let's have our lunch first...or else Ma'am will be back anytime.
(They open their lunch boxes and it's her favorite aalu paratha in her box. Peehu plucks a loaf of paratha)

Student: Peehu, you have aalu paratha in school?...are you poor?...My mother gave me peanut, butter, sandwitch,...Your lunch box looks very old...do you use the same one?
Peehu: I have other lunch boxes as well...also have orange water bottle...but my mother says that aalu paratha would remain good in this tiffin box only...and aalu paratha is my favorite (with a bit of anger on her face)

Students (teasing): Peehu is poor...Peehu is poor...Peehu is poor...
Khush: Don't say like this...she is my sister...papa said that he and Peehu will share everything...he will also share the tiffin...and you know, within few days, Peehu will stay with him at his house...then Peehu would also have good tiffin box...big car...big house...
Students: Peehu is poor...Peehu is poor...Peehu is poor...Peehu is poor...
(Peehu starts crying and her gem tear drops flow off her cute black eyes)

Khush tries to console her saying done cry (wipping her tears with his small hands)...and saying, he is her brother and her best friend...and he will share everything this he has, with her.

At the Fort

Scene starts with PRK and Rajat discussing Peehu's custody case with their lawyer, where their lawyer assures that as currently PRK is business partner of Rajat (which will wipe away the financial oblications), the case would come up in their favor.

RK too is discussing with his lawyer on an assurance of winning the same custody case. His lawyer informs him that he is financially strong (assuming PRK can never compete with RK in this aspect) and asks RK that he needs to prove that he can take care of the kid very well...and he will be able to take up full responsibilities of her...and court will also check with which of the parents the kid would be more secure...in which financial security will be a huge concern...which can never be assured by PRK. RK acknowledges that it means, he wouldn't have any further issues with regards to the case.

Meanwhile, PRK's lawyer discusses with Rajat and her that incase there is any financial twist in the case, PRK can always claim for substantial allumini...for which PRK flatly refuses and says that she doesn't need anything from RK...she then confirms the lawyers that she is defending this case not because she wants something from RK as allumini or compensation; instead it is because RK hasn't left any other option for her.

She further explains her feeling that family matter should be solved internally rather than getting into such situations...As far as Peehu's custody is concerned, she prefers Peehu to get both her parents love; but if it means to RK that he keeps Peehu with himself and never allow her to come to PRK, then there is not other option left with her than defending this case...And that's the reason why PRK is here with her lawyer today..

Rajat continues insisting the lawyer just to focus on the custody case; leaving everything else related to Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor to themselves...Also, insists that custody case would be won by PRK. 

PRK also suggests an option that even she is ready for an intermediatory arrangement wherein Peehu would stay with Mr. Kapoor and few days with PRK...and honestly says that she wouldnt mind this option as well...but problem comes when Mr. Kapoor wants Peehu to stay only with him...
Rajat acknowledges PRK with 'Yes'.

PRK checks the time and notices that it's time for her to go to Peehu's school to pick her up and seeks permission from Rajat to leave in between the discussion. Rajat confirms, that he will complete the remaining formalities with the lawyer; and PRK can leave. PRK tries to fetch an auto to reach the school. Meanwhile, Mr. Kapoor also arrives there (post discussion with his lawyer) and asks PRK to join him as they both are going to the same place.
RK also explains that today is a special day for Peehu and dont wish to spoil that...Also, what would happen when principal sees them both arriving separately...


RK and PRK receives Peehu and Khush from the school. Peehu looks very dull and disappointed and walks towards PRK. RK was eager to know how was her 1st day at school. PRK noticing Peehu to be dull, knelts down to Peehu and asks her gently whether everything was okay...Meanwhile, RK looks at Khush (who was also a bit dull)...PRK again asks Peehu whether everything is fine...did anyone say anything to her...Peehu in a low voice answers saying she wish to have some water. PRK opens the bottle and offers her water...After that, Peehu asks PRK to rush home immediately. PRK gets worried seeing Peehu in such situation and equally RK do...