[BALH] Mrs. Ghatkopar!!!

Episode starts with Kady & Rahul's discussion. Kady was getting ready to leave for an interview & was waiting for Rahul's arrival to join her (as she's new to the Mumbai roads & it would be helpful if Rahul could her to the interview venue). Rahul arrives there & gets a bit semi-surprised/confused after hearing Kady's interest in seeking for job.Kady explains him that she alongwith Rajat & Daijaa are going to stay back in Mumbai till the custody case gets resolved & she would be free. Till then, she would love to join some job so that she can get an interview experience (even if she doesnt get selected for this job).

Bade Ache Lagte Hain - Ram Kapoor and Priya

Rahul tried to convince her saying she is too young to join a job and moreover, she is there in Mumbai for a vacation and asks her to enjoy the moment. But finally, Kady succeeds in convincing Rahul as well and they both would get ready to leave for the venue.

Meanwhile, daijaa comes with sugar and curd bowl in her hand, wishing good luck to Kady. Rahul too wanted to have a spoon of the sugar-curd saying even he needs good luck to ride on Mumbai roads and they both finally leave the place.

PRK Flat - PRK/RK/Peehu

Then the screen takes over to PRK apartment. Suddenly door bell rings & PRK opens the door (with some struggle as the door is tough to open) & finds RK outside. (Ram babu firse pradhaar liye PRK ke flat par, raha nahi gaya...lekin, iss baar Peehu ke uniform ka bahana leke)

Ram enters in with some taunting expressions keeping the door issue as the baseline. Priya asks "you" ???

Ram answers: were you expecting someone else? (with a broad smile on his face).

Meanwhile, Priya shuts the door and comes to be Ram answering: "She was waiting for the dhobi to come" and they continues their discussion.

Ram further inquires about A/C fixation, whether Peehu liked the computer, and continues teasing PRK whether she knows how to switch-on the computer.

Priya in reply (in taunting style & expressions) answers; how will she know, she doesnt even know how to operate normal switches.

Ram acknowledges that PRK is behaving more funny way than usual.

Further PRK inquires whether Ram is there traveling a long distance, investing ample of time just to check whether the A/C has been fixed, PRK knows how to operate switches, etc...

Ram in reply says that he came for something else and reminds PRK that since Peehu will be attending her school from Monday, and tomorrow is Sunday and Peehu's uniform should get ready today itself which he already had with him.

Also, teases PRK saying the energy she has in organizing the party was the bases reason she much have forgotten about Peehu's school dress. But, he hasnt forgotten his daughter's requirements and thus has brought it with him. He then calls Peehu "ROCKSTAR".

Meanwhile, Priya tries to check the package which is in Ram's hand, which in tern he retains back with him.

Peehu arrives there with excitment on her face and says that she thought it's her Dad who rang to door.

Ram hands over the uniform to Peehu and she acknowledges with her "waaaw" expression and also says that the dress looks "sooo" pretty and suits her "pppurfect".

(Family number 1 ' RK, PRK and Peehu all say "pppurfect" at the same time while the background music of 'Bade ache lagte hain' plays)

RK looks at PRK with a broad smile on his face.

PRK asks RK about why he has bought the uniform from such a costly place, instead, they could have got 3 such sets in the same cost from Ghatkopar textile shop.

Irritated with PRK, Ram turns towards Peehu (with a smile on his face) and asks her what is her Papa's name. Peehu answers, it's "Ram Kapoor"... RK again turns back to PRK and informs her that Peehu is Ram Kapoor's daughter and Ram Kapoor's daughter would never wear clothes which are bought from Ghatkopar.

PRK asks Peehu to get inside for which Peehu responds (in excitment) that she will go inside and try her new dress.

Then, PRK starts discussing with RK that Peehu is growing kid and within a few days, her current dresses wouldnt fit her as her size keeps upgrading in a very short time span and these dresses would be scraps within a month or so and she continous ...

RK with an irritated expression stops her saying "Mrs. Ghatkopar..." It's okay, she is a growing kid and if the dress wouldnt fit her at later stage, it is not a big deal for him to purchase more again...

He also continues saying that currently he just bought one, but he had thought of getting 6-7 such uniform so that there wouldnt be any tension of washing. He also tries to confirm whether there is a washing machine at PRK's flat, for which PRK responds saying that she had already had a thought about it and she would send all the week long used uniforms to KM so that RK would get them cleans, ironed perfectly and deliver them back to her flat.

Ram responds to her saying "very funny"...

RK asks PRK in a loud voice whether she would atleast ask him for water or not. (RK: Paani waani poonchogi ki nahi ????)

PRK responds promptly saying there is no need to ask him for water. She will directly fetch him water and then moves on from there to get water for RK.

Rajat's apartment

Rajat comes to daijaa and informs her that his meetings went very well and the location of book stall for PRK in Mumbai is finalized and it would be located at central mall. Daijaa responds to him that she is so proud about the concern he has for Priya. Rajat continues that with these book shops (at Dubai and Mumbai locations), Priya's financial issues will get sorted out and he couldnt see her loosing Peehu's custody case just because of her financial crisis. In return, daijaa confirms from Rajat that as Priya is a self respected person, would she accept this offer; what would be her reactions; etc.

In tern, Rajat says that it would be quite tough to convince PRK, but this would a different and unique business and when he would explain PRK in details, she would definitely understand and also informs daijaa that he would discuss about this with Priya and handover the new shop's paper in the party taking her to a corner.

By then, Kady returns back from her interview and daijaa asks her how it went.

Kady answers in excitment that it went well. Infact she has already cleared the 1st round and hope that they call her for the 2nd round as well.

Rajat has a discussion with Kady about why she is looking for a job at the age when she should study, travel, enjoy, etc for which Kady responds back to him saying she would like to go for a job which would help her building self confidence and also confirms that she would like to rise as Rajat (independently since start).

PRK's Flat - PRK, Neha, Peehu

The scene gets shifted to PRK's flat where PRK, Peehu and Neha sits around the table to discuss and finalize the menu for the party.

Menu consists of Biryani (PRK stressess on VEG BIRYANI), Dal makhani, shaahi paneer...Neha prompts saying "kuch Non-veg nahi chahiye? !!!" (with a broad smile on her face). Priya responds saying "no" as she would be preparing the dishes ( ofcourse of Neha's support ).

Meanwhile, Peehu is more concerns about the Menu includes her favorite "Aalu Paratha" or not, for which PRK confirms that for this time there would be no aalu parathas in the menu. Meanwhile, Neha calls Peehu towards her and informs her that they would then have aalu parathas in breakfast if not in dinner.

(PRK -> Peehu: Jo zyaada aalu khaata hai na, wo kaisa baan jaata hai? 'aalu jaisa' !!!...Gol !!! )

Meanwhile, they realized that they missed at include Desert in the menu and the further discussed about it and finally lands on "Chocolate cake" (upon a great negotiation with Peehu).

Suddenly during this discussion, they realized that they missed a very important item "Chole" to add it to the menu and continues with the further discussion. Priya becomes a bit emotional with Neha for all her support throughout.

While the discussion was ON (reached about Ram Kapoor and his talent of "Egg Breaking" during Peehu's orientation session at school), the door bell rings and Priya approaches to open the door.

She sees a caterer standing outside and confirming whether she is Priya Kapoor. PRK acknowledges saying "Yes" and further inquires about how he is and what is the purpose of his arrival at her flat?

He informs her that he is a caterer and Mr, Ram Kapoor sent him as there is a party at the flat the next day.

Meanwhile, Neha too approaches the door and they both (PRK & Neha) informs the caterer that it's not a big party instead, it is a family get together for which they dont need any caterer. PRK also confirms that she would handle Ram and incase some additional support is required, she would definitely approach him (caterer).

During closing the door (once caterer leaves the place), PRK and Neha share a funny discussion about RK and his food obsession.


The scene then gets diverted to KM where RK and Kush have been found discussing something about Peehu. RK informs Kush that Peehu got admission in the same school where Kush studies. He also confirms whether Kush remembers about his sister (Peehu) who tied Rakhi to him online (via internet) and tells him that if a sister ties rakhi to her brother, brother responsibility is to take care and protect the sister and gets the confirmation from Kush whether he would take care of Peehu. Kush promptly responds that he would definitely take care of his sister Peehu, and introduces her to all his friends at school...

Meanwhile, Ayesha enters the room interrupting their discussion. She calls Kush saying that it's time for his drawing classes and the teaching his waiting for him. But, Kush looks more interested in spending some more time with Ram instead of attending his drawing classes. Ram agrees to Kush and instructs Ayesha that they both would spend time together.

PRK's flat

The scene shifts back to PRK flat where Neha tries to take some cooking materials like milk, eggs, etc from fridge to kichen. Meanwhile, Peehu playing with a ball throws it to Neha for her to catch, due to which all the ingredient in her hand (milk, eggs, etc) fell on the ground and the floor becomes untidy.

Peehu seeks for apolozise holding her ears. Meanwhile, PRK arrives the scene and notices the situation.

Peehu offers further help for them for which PRK flatly refuses and asks her to go and play.

PRK confirms from Neha whether there are any more eggs available in the fridge for which Neha says "no" and she offers to get them from the shop. But, they further decided on preparing "Eggless" cake. Neha offers to clean the floor as PRK gives a weirds expression seeing the broken eggs down the floor.

Neha: Vegeterian!!! Ande ko haath nahi lagaayegi na!!!


Vikram - Rehaan

Vikram tries to call Rehaan (to inquire about why he went to Neha's flat) and his friend receives his call and informs Vikram that Rehaan is not keeping well and suffering from high fever.

Later Vikram calls of Rehaan's place and insists him to visit a doctor (keeping all other issues on lower priority for now)

Sharma's house

Scene then gets shifted to Sharma's house where Shipra is busy in a telephone conversation with her daughter "Ayesha".

Later, Sudhir approaches her inquiring about where is she leaving; for which she answers that she is leaving to KM to accompany Ayesha for the party at PRK's flat.

Nats enters the conversation saying that it doesnt make any sense for her (Shipra) going all the way from Sharma's house to KM and then returning back to PRK's flat which is just few floors below Sharma's house. She also comments that it's waste of time, energy and money following this route.

Sudhir too agrees with Nats with which Shipra gets irritated and get into a serious and hot discussion with them ( Sudhir & Nats ).


Its party time - Ram, Rajat, Shipra & Priya ... RAM asks Rajat to rey out Biryani & starts praising BIRYANI made by PRK ...Rajat says yes ... Shipra promptly responds to Rajat about PRK's made biryani ...