[Adaalat] Episode 194 - Dengue, the killer mosquito

Case starts from the ICU ward of a hospital where Mr. Suri is being hospitalized due to a Dengue attack. Dr. Bhandaare who was treating him got shocked by seeing the drastic improvement in his health. Upon asked by the nurse Ms. Jessi what made him so shocked; he went out unanswering her at the ICU door where Suri ji's family were eagerly waiting for his health improvement news. Dr. Bhandaare first started saying that the Surji ji's health situation was too bad earlier and there didnt seem to be any hope for his survival. However, upon insisted by Mr. Sanjit (Suri ji's son), he confirmed that Suri ji is out of danger now and has conquered Dengue almost 100%. Upon hearing this, Suri ji's family got relaxed; Suri ji's PA Mr. Gulshan said that this is the reason why he had asked Suri ji's family members to offer prashad to Mata Rani (The Godess). Mr. Sanjit intern toants to Suri ji's 2nd wife (ie. his step-mother) that she must be very upset hearing Suri ji is out of danger. Hearing this, all the family members got shocked and started looking at each other's face.

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Dr. Bhandaare and Ms Jessi were walking through the corridor, where doctor offered her to watch an Engish movie together with him and gifted her a jewelery set; for which Jessi refused to accept. Doctor confirmed her (in a rude manner) that he is not used to hear "NO". So, if she doesnt like the gift, she can throw it anywhere she likes.

In the night at 10:15PM, Jessi came to Suri ji's room, changed the IV bottle and walked away. As soon as she went out of the ICU, a person entered (face was not revealed) the room, connected back the empty IV bottle and walked away.

Jessi and her senior were still and chatting about why did she reject Dr. Bhandaare's proposal. Jessi confirms that she is in love with Bijoy and she can't betray him. During this discussion, Mr. Suri ji's equipments signalled that his pulse is dropping. Both Jessi and her senior rushed toward the ICU and found Mr. Suri stuggling with life. Upon Jessi's senior aligating her why didnt she change the bottle (which can be reason of Suri ji's death in the future due to air bubble); Jessi replied saying that she had already changed the bottle, but doesnt know how this empty bottle is connected back. Jessi then rushed out of ICU to call the doctor to handle this emergency. Dr. Bhandaare came to handle this situation and declared Mr. Suri as dead. Then we can see a mobile SMS sent to some unknown number confirming "KAAM HO GAYA".

KD's Office

Mr. Sanjit appoaches KD requesting to file such a case against the hospital which can lead to a shut-down (something like Sue). He also confirms KD that his father Suri ji was infact murdered and the aligation has been dumped on the on-duty nurse (ie. Jessi).

Police (Inspector Dave) was called to the hospital to investigate the matter. During this, Jessi again confirms Dave that she had already changed the IV bottle and dont have any idea who replaced it with the empty one. Just after Dave took Jessi's statement, KD enters the room to meet Dr. Bhandaare in accordance with Mr. Sanjit's request to file a case against the hospital. At the same time, Jessi gets a call from some unknown person who says that she did her job properly by killing Mr. Suri and now it's time to return her the favour of sending the pack of 1.5 Cr to her mother. Just after Jessi's call, Dave gets a call from the police station confirming the call to Jessi was regarding 1.5 Cr. Upon asked by KD what is the matter, Dave confirms that upon Sanjit's request, Jessi's mobile phone was tapped and confirms KD that she has murdered Mr. Suri for 1.5 Cr. Jessi tried to defect on this, but unfortunately failed to convince Dave.

Sanjit was looking at the "Property will" when his step mother arrived the room and try to convince him to erradicate the misunderstanding he has for her. During the discussion, a dengue moquito bit Sanjit after which he walked away from the room.

KD arrives the lockup to meet Jessi and confirms that he would be her defence lawyer and started understanding the matter and about anyone who would be interested to ruin her career/life.  She named Dr. Bhandaare and explained him the flash back of what happened when he proposed her and gifted the jewelery set to her.

In the court room proceedings started with Jaiswal saaheb (the Prosecutor) talking to Jessi about 1.5 cr and the murder mistery, ofcourse in his humorous style. Jaiswal saaheb after a long time finally coming to the point, inquires about her routine (ofcourse with the time) on the night Suri ji was murdered. Dr. Bandaare was presented as a witness by Jaiswal saaheb and upon asked, he confirms that Jessi was with him in his cabin instead of the ICU ward (Ofcourse he was lying). Before Jaiswal saaheb lands down to the conclusion ( as he usually does ), KD jumped between the discussion and started questioning Dr. Bhandaare about his soft corner for Jessi; professional quality of Jessi as a nurse; etc. Once Dr. Bhandaare lied on both the question, KD showed the jewelery set and cross questioned him saying in he doesnt love her, and she is an incompetent nurse, why did he gift her the jewelery set costing 15K INR. KD's motive to ask these questions to Dr. Bhandaare was simply to prove that he is lying and the reason behind his lies. To prove Dr. Bhandaare's statements efficiently as invalid, he then calls Jessi's senior for further questioning; unfortunately she too lied and her statements were in favor of Dr. Bhandaare. Upon further questioning, Jessi's senior was trapped in KD intelligence and was not able to answer his question that who did the apple seed get stick to the empty bottle. This proves that both Dr. Bhandaare and Jessi's senior were lying; being the fact that Jessi had changed the bottle and scapped the empty bottle in the dustbin (due to which the apple seed got stick to the bottle).

Due to the dengue mosquito bite, Sanjit also got hospitalized and called for KD to convey him the message about the planner of the murder (it was based on the property will he had seen in his father's room). Once Dr. Bhandaare was done with the checkup, Sanjit says KD that he has doubt on his dad's wife (ie. his step-mother) and asked him to refer his father's property will.

Varun reaches Suri ji's house to fetch a copy of the property will where pest control activity was going on. Even though, pest control was in process and mosquito repellant was switched-on, Varun could find mosquitoes in the room. He then returns back to the office and hands over the property will to KD to analyze and discuss further on the possibilities. Varun then seeks interest of KD after he says that he is elergic to mosquito vaporizers, however, he didnt feel like that when he was at Suri ji's room where the vaporizer was already switched on. He meant to say that there is something wrong in the vaporizer, and that might be the reason why mosquitoes too doesnt have any effect due to this.

Varun again returns back to Suri ji's house to return back the cheque. Meenakshi ji (Suri ji's 2nd wife) confirms that industrialist Handa is behind this conspiracy. Varun, before leaving the place showed interest to use their bathroom. On the way, he changed the mosquito vapourizer with some other alike piece and took the original one with him.

In the court room, he compared this murder case with history where such biological weapons were used. Upon Jaiswal saaheb spreading the humour in the court room, KD showed the vaporizer and confirmed the court that it didnt contain any repellant, instead it contains plain water with some color. The same scenario was found incase of the pest control machine which too contained water with some color added to it.

Upon asked to Ms. Poona wala (Jessi's senior) that why didnt she agree with Dr. Bhandaare's lies, she got speechless. KD reminds her that did she agree to doctor (ie. talk against Jessi) because of 50L INR which was received in her bank account via cheque; and the cheque was signed by Mrs. Meenakshi Suri. During the conversation, Ms. Poona wala accepts that she got the cheque from the person who asked her to kill Mr. Suri in the hospital. Ms. Poona wala was the person who had replaced the bill VI bottle with the empty one leading to Suri ji's death.

Now Meenakshi Suri comes under the scanner as the cheque amounted 50L INR was signed by her. Meenakshi ji tried her level best to defend herself and confirmed KD that the number from where the message had come to Ms. Poona wala was of Mr. Gulshan, Suri ji's PA and he was the person who had handed over the bulk of cheques to Meenakshi to sign. Now Gulshan too comes under the scanner and was inquired about it. He says that someone else might have misued his mobile and sent Poona wala that message.

During the court proceedings, Varun enters into the court room and hands over a CD to KD. Upon asked by the judge, KD answers that this CD contains the video footage of the ATM centre where the cheque was deposited. It was shocking after seeing the person who dropped the cheque in the dropbox of the ATM centre at Mahim.

It was Suri ji's own brother Mr. Kiran Suri. Once caught, he accepts that he has the person behind this conspiracy and revealed that he planned to murder Suri ji, his son and his 2nd wife to grab his property.